African Green Ventures (AGV) Renewable Energy

AGV is a South African renewable energy developer, consultancy and technology provider. AGV builds value by combining Nordic and South African relations, creating a bolt-on project development platform for Nordic Developers. AGV has operational experience in South Africa along with several other Sub-Saharan Africa countries and experience in Nordic business culture, ethics and Nordic finance structuring.


In Africa, today, one in three people don’t have access to electricity, often having to resort to using kerosene or spending hours in darkness. Almost 87% of those without electricity live in rural areas. Sub-Saharan Africa’s share in the global access deficit has more than doubled between 1990 and 2016. Despite progress in all world regions, the world is not on track to achieve universal electricity access by 2030, with Sub-Saharan Africa at great risk of being left behind. - The World Bank

"The relationship between renewable energy sources and the communities we expect to host them must be appropriate and sustainable and, above all, acceptable to local people."

— Owen Paterson


Efficient and effective market entry of renewable energy and promotes Wind and Solar. We currently promote farm Management Tools and Wind Resource Assessment and Micro-Siting Tools for the Wind Energy Sector.


Specializes in taking renewable energy projects to a ready to build stage in Sub-Saharan Africa. Experience in travelling, operating and developing an overview of local policy and framework ensure efficient progress while ensuring bankability of projects to the international finance community.


We bridge local expertise, network and operational in developing and constructing profitable and efficient renewable energy.

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